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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reproduction antler chandeliers provide quality craftsmanship and beautiful antler lighting

The biggest myth around antler chandeliers? Most people jump to the horrible conclusion that deer, elk or moose are killed for their antlers simply to satisfy the vanity of some people. This is not the case at all.

Antler chandeliers are actually an environmentally friendly renewable resource! In the same way that snakes shed their skin, deer, elk and moose cast off their antlers once every year and new ones grow back naturally. In fact, antler chandelier manufacturers often work in concert with local farmers who spread feed for these beautiful animals to more easily collect the antlers left behind.

These elk, moose, fallow, caribou, white-tail and mule deer antlers sheds are then used extensively in the production of one-of-a-kind antler chandeliers.

Real antler chandeliers have to be seen to believed. Because no two antler racks are alike, no two chandeliers will ever look exactly the same.

In some cases, retail, hotel and restaurant entities will actually want antler chandeliers that are almost identical in size and nature. For these situations, antler chandelier manufacturers will provide beautiful reproduction antler chandeliers to provide antler sconces, table lamps and chandeliers that look more similar in nature.

While the creation of a real antler chandelier or lamp is certainly careful work, high-quality antler chandelier manufacturers put just as much – or more – time, effort and craftsmanship into their reproduction antler chandeliers.

At CDNAntler.com for instance, reproduction antler chandeliers are made from durable medium density polyethylene, which is then hand stained for a natural look. It took years of extensive research into alternative materials to find a resin that was lightweight yet extremely tough. It took several more months with the world's best artisans to create molds that would produce natural-looking antlers.

CDN Antler's many years of experience gave the company an early and lasting worldwide edge in recreating the look of real antler chandeliers and antler lighting at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike many competitors who create solid reproduction antlers and, then, sloppily hang the electrical connections and wires on the outside, CDN carefully crafts hollow antlers. These hollow antlers not only prove a significant savings in labor and production time, but all of the electrical work is skillfully woven inside the antler to leave only the stunning beauty of the antler chandelier itself.

This savings in reproduction lighting is passed on to the customer for a beautiful "budget-conscious" buy that looks practically identical to real antler chandeliers. (And customers have an easier chandelier installation ahead, too, as reproduction chandeliers aren't as heavy as "the real thing!")

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