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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Grand Teton Whitetail Antler Chandelier

Product Description
The Grand Teton Antler Chandelier. 26 lights placed upon 76 professionally handcrafted whitetail antlers. Add a rustic WOW to your cabin or home! An impressive "trophy" light fixture that will definitely have your guests talking! And nobody would ever guess that the 76 intertwined antlers on this Chandelier weren't the real thing! In fact, each of the incredibly life-like whitetail antlers were professionally handcrafted from medium-density polyethylene and individually hand-stained and painted to look exactly like the real deal! The only difference you'll probably notice between these antlers and the genuine article is a much lower price! Features: Holds 26 lights (25 watt bulb recommended, not included); Antique brass canopy; 36" of antique brass chain; Hardware included; 52 x 66". Order Now! This item is shipped by commercial carrier curbside. Unloading is the customer's responsibility, including off the back of the truck. The Grand Teton Whitetail Antler Chandelier

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Build Antler Chandeliers

Are you wondering how to build an antler chandelier? The task is much easier than you might think. In no time at all, you will have a one of a kind, eye popping lighting feature that costs you way less than pricey store bought chandeliers. Here is everything you need to know to construct your own chandeliers.

How to Build Antler Chandeliers - Before You Begin

Before delving into the project, let's clear up a few questions and basics about antler chandeliers. First, consider the question of the antlers themselves. Many people think that the natural beauty of these kinds of chandeliers would be the perfect fit for their décor, but they shy away from actually adding them to their home because they think it is inhumane. If you have pictures of forcibly separating a deer from its antlers, only so you can have a lighting fixture you like, think again. The fact is that all male deer shed their antlers every single year. They get the job done by banging their antlers against trees until they come off, making space for a fresh set, so you don't have to worry about harming any animals to get the antlers for your project.

Next, be aware that there are antler chandelier kits you can buy that include everything you need for your project. These kits are available at any hardware store, and there are several different brands on the market. The steps that follow will assume you are NOT using a kit. If you have a kit, simply follow the manufacturer's instructions.

A word to the budget conscious: completing the project following our steps rather than investing in an antler chandelier kit will save you money.

Ok, then! On to the fun part!

How to Build Antler Chandeliers: Step by Step

Find Your Antlers
Antlers can be purchased at hardware stores and at hunting goods stores. Of course, you can also find your antlers in the woods, free of charge. Deer shed their antlers in the winter months, so that is your best antler hunting season.Be sure to find antlers that are similar in size and color and that fit your design idea. Colors can be played with, but vast differences in size will make your chandelier construction difficult.

Buy a Chandelier Kit
Check your local hardware or home improvement store for a package deal that includes the right number of wires and light bulbs for the chandelier you are designing. You can also purchase the items individually, but the kits are more cost effective.

Prep the Antlers
Even store bought antlers should be cleaned. An oil based soap works best. Pay close attention to scrubbing the inside of each antler, as the wire will be running through there and dirt and debris can damage it.

Next, you will need to drill holes in the tip of each antler, where the wire will come out and a light bulb will be attached.

Last but not least, give the antlers a few coats of polyurethane. Play around with sheen levels to get your desired effect.

Assemble Your Design
Using a drill and strong wires, attach the individual antlers to each other in the design of your choosing. Drill a hole through the parts of each antler you want to run wire through, and then secure the antlers together in your finished design. Once you have the look you want, sodder the wires to seal.

Complete the Electrical Wiring
Take your electrical wire, and run a piece through each chandelier, emerging through the hole in the tip you created when you prepped the antlers. Gather these wires and connect them to the electrical wiring in your chandelier mount in your ceiling. Make sure to use enough anchor screws to support the weight of the chandelier from the ceiling. Although antler chandeliers actually tend to be lighter than other chandeliers, since the antlers are hollow, adequate support is a must if you want to avoid a disaster!

--- Voila! Your chandelier project is complete.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Finding The Perfect Antler Chandelier For Your Log Home

Antler Chandelier~Finding The Perfect Antler Chandelier For Your Log Home

Choosing the perfect antler lighting for your log home or cabin isn't as easy as it seems. With so many choices in today's market it's tough to know what you are getting. We are here to help you decipher the different styles, materials and finishes available.

Real Antler Chandeliers

Technology is a wonderful thing and now it's very difficult to tell real antlers from reproduction antlers. Real antler chandeliers are very pricey and come with very unique attributes that differ from one antler chandelier to the next. When buying a real antler chandelier online be sure that the image you see is the actual product that you will receive. Many times websites will put the same generic photo on their site and the actual product you get may or may not look anything like the image online. Most real antler chandeliers are made from sheds from the animals when the drop their antlers. This is painless for the animal and you get a unique antler chandelier at a price.

Reproduction Antler Chandeliers

The next and most economical option is to buy a reproduction antler chandelier. Faux antler chandeliers are cast from a set of antlers and each chandelier will look the same as the image on the website. Reproduction antler chandeliers are much lighter than real antler chandeliers and come in various shades of stain. Today's reproduction antler chandeliers look so real you'll never know the difference.

Consider This When Buying Antler Lighting

1. The size of room the antler chandelier will go in.
2. The length of chain you will need for the antler chandelier.
3. The width of some antler chandeliers make it tricky to fit through a regular door.
4. Most antler chandelier chains come in antique brass, black or polished brass finish.
5. It may be difficult for delivery in some remote locations if your antler chandelier ships via motor freight, so be sure to check with your retailer if you live in the boonies.

Elk Antler Chandeliers

If it's an authentic western look and feel you're after then elk antler chandeliers are the ticket. These beautifully crafted chandeliers are usually made with 18 antlers, 9 antlers or 6 antlers.

Moose Antler Chandeliers

If you're going for more of a northwest look and feel then the moose antler chandelier is sure to please. Moose antler chandeliers are usually made with 4 or 6 moose antlers.

Deer Antler Chandeliers

This favorite old standby hangs in more log homes than you can count. Nothing screams rustic like a large whitetail antler chandelier hanging from your ceiling. Deer antler chandeliers vary in size from 3 antlers all the way up to 76 antlers!

Deciding between real or reproduction antler lighting is not an easy choice. Carefully assess your lighting requirements and what you want in your antler chandelier. No matter what style, size or shape of antler chandelier you choose it's important to remember that living the rustic lifestyle is all about comfort and feeling "at home" when you walk in the door.


Antler Chandelier~Finding The Perfect Antler Chandelier For Your Log Home

Deer Antler Chandelier

Antler Chandelier~Deer Antler Chandelier

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind light fixture that will add an earthy, natural look to your home or office? Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with an inspiring authentic deer antler chandelier. Deer are one of natures' most beloved and treasured animals because of their beauty, innocence and majesty. Now there's no better way to celebrate the deer than by bringing it indoors, where you can enjoy it day after day, for years to come.

Nature enthusiasts and deer lovers alike can incorporate the beauty and majesty of these great animals with one-of-a-kind deer or elk antler chandeliers, which represent a unique and artistic way to add nature elements to your interior decorating. Antler chandeliers are magnificent both in their beauty and function. Want to experience the atmosphere of nature inside your home? Deer antler chandeliers are a great start to an exciting adventure that begins indoors-without having to leave the house.

Reproduction or authentic deer antler chandeliers are available in several earthy designs and each design represents a true to life animal, so no two designs are exactly the same. Designed for any nature enthusiast, these genuine reproduction fixtures are a great way to bring nature into your home to create the same atmosphere as the great outdoors-without having to leave the comforts of home. Light your dining room or den with these truly amazing light fixtures and enjoy the true beauty of the deer all year long. Some antler chandeliers are hand-crafted and hand-painted, so they are genuine art pieces as well as an elegant and rustic complement to your home, office or club décor.

Depending on the specific design and model, deer antler chandelier designs can be simple or elaborate and can be manufactured along with metals, plastics, wood, or other materials, giving you the ability to choose a truly unique fixture or creative centerpiece. Sizes of the antlers vary from very large to quaint sized fixtures, which will fit nicely in many spaces. Because these fixtures are fully functional, they will coexist with your existing features to create an outdoor atmosphere you can enjoy year after year.

Deer antler chandeliers are not only one-of-a-kind, functional pieces, but these magnificent fixtures are also affordable. Nature is truly a beautiful thing, and now you can enjoy nature without leaving your home. Antler chandeliers are a wonderful and easy way to respect and treasure the wonder that is nature. By adding an awe-inspiring, nature-inspired deer antler chandelier to your home, you and your family will be able to share memories of being in nature next to a warm fire, for many generations to come.

Antler light fixtures are a fun and unique way to capture the detail and true beauty of animals like the deer and bring them into your home for your friends and family to enjoy. Nothing beats the outdoors when it comes to providing serenity, peace and beauty. But when it comes to bringing the glory that is nature indoors, choose a nature-inspired deer antler chandelier light fixture to satisfy the nature lover in you.


Antler Chandelier~Deer Antler Chandelier